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Just Because You Can’t Tell One Brunette Girl From Another Does Not Mean That I Am Stalking You

21st February

And not only am I not stalking you, I am avoiding you. I think you’re
mediocre at life at best, and I’ll be honest, here, I think you are incredibly creepy. I also think it
is offensive that you keep telling people you’ve seen me in places I haven’t been. Here is a brief run-down of places
I have been … Read More »

Women Laughing Alone With Salad

This Is Because People Are Terrible

12th February

Diva’s dead aka Whitney Houston died today, on the morning of the Grammy’s in her hotel room. She was the opener for Clive Davis’ annual party, and accounts so far say that she was partying hard last night and yet seemed fine when she talked to friends and loved ones via phone just hours before her death and I’m banking … Read More »

is having a lot of blankets a good substitute for not having a boyfriend? no.

9th February

also 2 no 3 years ago Sam Pink sent me a copy of his book Frowns Need Friends Too for review. well i’m busy.
i like it i just opened a random page which happened to be 62 and read the lines:

photocopies famous people have given me

5th February

i moved all week and today was desk organizing day.

this is a list of some of the things i have photocopies of that other people have given me but i haven’t read them and don’t know why i have them but will now read them. i think i have read the poem parts though i bet. i think it’s like … Read More »

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What I Did Today


—woke up via my dad waking me up

The first time I was ‘someone else’ online

It was my first semester in high school and I had a huge crush on...