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Crocodile: Russia’s Latest Fatal Street Drug

Posted on 9th February, by Jordan Castro in Jordan Castro. 64 Comments

Crocodile: Russia’s Latest Fatal Street Drug

Ever fantasize about losing every white blood cell in your body then watching your skin deteriorates in front of your face and you really just can’t give a fuck? If so, you’re not alone. According to Time, as many as one million people in Russia have fulfilled these desires via “Crocodile,” a deadly and addictive derivative of morphine that can be up to 50x stronger and 3x cheaper than Heroin. It’s also more addictive.

A first-time Crocodile user is expected to live no longer than two or three more years after the initial injection. Once the drug enters the user’s bloodstream it immediately starts killing the white blood cells in the flesh around it, leaving the user’s skin greenish and scaly, like a Crocodile’s, before it completely rots away.

People produce Crocodile by purchasing over-the-counter Codeine and mixing it with iodine and red phosphorus, sometimes adding other things, like gasoline or hydrochloric acid. For many people, Crocodile is easier to make and obtain than other, comparably less dangerous, designer drugs.

“[Crocodile] just kills the skin, that’s what you’re seeing, big dead pieces of skin.” Dr. Ellen Marmur told Foxnews.com in an interview about the drug. “It’s horrible.”

  • Heir Apparent

    All people who take dangerous shit like this are just plain stupid. They should do decent folks a favor and overdose so we don’t have to deal with them.

  • Don’t Believe Everything

    The pic of the kid’s arm is horrific, BUT why is his face, chest and upper arm looking so pink and fresh. This looks more like the result of a bad motorcycle crash.

  • dawnthegreat

    they don’t think DUH, they are simpletons with no care

  • Adhika

    zombie apocalips is coming

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  • juan

    Does these people see what this demon called drug is doing to them? Cant they see that the devil is dragging them to he’ll,and doing with them what ever he wants.People open your eyes and see that theirs hope and its called, GOD.

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  • Hubble2003

    Honestly, What in the fuck are people thinking when taking this. Flesh eating that exposes muscle tissue and  bone matter. 

    Honestly you know what, fine, do it. Rid the world of non intelligent beings saving natural selection for others. Fucking stupid. Honestly.

  • Chrisforney

    Those Russians are so cool Hahaha

  • bich331

    you really have to hate yerself to do that…..

  • Yeeyee

    People r just fucking druggies these days piece of shit losers need to find something betyer to do wit ther life,at least smoke weed or bust a few lines, fuck all that other shit

  • http://www.flaneurinpajamas.tumblr.com/ Caleb Hildenbrandt

    I wonder if, at a certain point, the temptation to try it to see if you can dodge the side effects outgrows the temptation to try it for the euphoriant/sedative effects.  A situation for the imp of the perverse, to be sure.

  • Sadasda

    Am i the only one thats freaked out right you can be able to see your own bone after awile i mean who would take this drug? you would have to be insane

  • Jody

    Holy hell!!! I don’t understand people. I get the addiction but, it’s not like you have a chance of this shit happening to you…it’s a fact!!! You use it one time, and you’ll die in a few years, if your lucky!!

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  • http://nonegenuine.blogspot.com/ Scott

    cant wait until im on my deathbed and send out a friend to score me some croc.

    • Trackstarnsh

      Your fucking stupid

      • http://nonegenuine.blogspot.com/ Scott

         lol, really dude?

      • TeeEllDee

         ”You’re”, not “Your”, stupid.

  • Jtprius510

    bro, that is gross. the feeling you get from that can’t be worth the damage it does to you externally. i mean that looks like it hurts.

    • pekenino

      What’s crazy is that, croc numbs you down, it’s 50x stronger than morphine so while you’re on it you don’t feel shit, so you just gotta get some more croc so you don’t feel your skin peeling off

  • http://newhandsweepstakes.com/contributors/brian-mcelmurry/ Brian M


  • http://twitter.com/NichEggert Nich Eggert


  • xTx

    half-awake reading this and thought it was a weird piece of crocodile meat until about i was 3/4 through  the article. fuck you. omg. 

  • http://twitter.com/barrygfunk barry graham

    goddam russians. when you start off drinking vodka out of the womb. i guess by the time you’re 18 you really gotta step it up to get fucked up. 

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