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Baby, we’ll be fine–Except we’re both alive.

We’re going to try and try and mostly it won’t be so good.

We’ll spend so many hours of our life just being asleep.

We’ll struggle with how much more difficult waking life is now.

We’ll always crave comfort, but baby, we’ll be fine.

It’s just that there will be so many times that I apologize and you feel bad, and you apologize and … Read More »

Women Laughing Alone With Salad


14th February

Mind your own goddam business and be happy and live your own life without criticizing mine or anyone else’s. Please. Just for one day.

Catholic Mullet

9th February

Mexican Catholic schools are evil. Because when Venezuelan kids move to Mexico, nuns make them cut their mullets.

I was in second grade, and everyone was Mexican. Except for this one boy who was Venezuelan. His name was Carlos Roberto Something Something. His hair was curly and brown. He had a mullet. Short at the front and sides, but long in … Read More »

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What I Did Today


—woke up via my dad waking me up

The first time I was ‘someone else’ online

It was my first semester in high school and I had a huge crush on...